Meet The Judges

Receive feedback from experts.

All valid applications receive scores and comments from members of the Evaluation Panel. Each judge has been carefully chosen for their knowledge and experience. Top-scoring submissions may also be reviewed by MacArthur’s Board of Directors.

The Evaluation Panel Judges score and comment on each application assigned to them. Each team that submits a valid application will receive five sets of reviews that have been statistically normalized. Based on the rank order of the applications, the highest-scoring teams will be referred to MacArthur's Board of Directors for further consideration.

MacArthur’s Board of Directors will determine up to ten Semi-Finalists. At the conclusion of the Discovery Period, the Board will determine a smaller group of Finalists. After a preparation period, the Finalists will attend a live pitch event to present their solutions to MacArthur’s Board of Directors and a group of invited guests. Selection of the final award recipient rests with MacArthur’s Board of Directors.